StoryBird is a terrific writing resource for writers of all ages. Contrary to the traditional model of writing instruction where prompts are given verbally or written, Storybird changes the premise. First  the writer chooses a collection of artwork as inspiration for an original story. Using the artwork the writer builds their story, complete with characters, setting, conflict, and resolution. Storybird offers education accounts that allow whole classes to participate in the writing experience. If a teacher wants to engage reluctant writers, we recommend Storybird. Give it a try!

Many members of the writers Club at Inverness Primary are using Storybird with great results. Their efforts will soon be posted on the IPS Wiki under the Writers Club link, as well on the students personal wiki page.


One thought on “Storybird

  1. Julie says:

    I really like this idea! I can see how this website can bring out the student’s creativity by allowing them to create a story collaboratively with other students. This can even be done at home, which is helpful due to time constraints during writing!

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