Welcome to the Inverness Primary Media Portal  Blog. We encourage the sharing of ideas and resources.

The web has a pantheon of  teacher resources, often with a staggering depth. Finding enough time to slosh through so much material can be a daunting task, even for the most dedicated teacher. Our media resource blog  strives to serve as a literary, multimedia, and technological learning commons for students, staff, and community.


Postings of new and exciting web resources, professional development resources, books, and best practice tips will be made on a regular basis. We encourage your comments, criticisms, or additional material you would like to share.



2 thoughts on “Home/About

  1. Dyamond says:

    I use to go to this school and then i don’t think that we had a blog but what did i know i was in first grade i moved away about 3 years ago and i still remember the names of my teachers! Mrs.Feesr And Mrs.McCollough.
    I think that a blog is a great thing!

  2. bryce roland says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Mr coward he was one of ky fab teachers and deserves a happybfuneral cause he would have wanted it that way tell some one he needs a sum sum on his way down rest in piece

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