The Kids Should See This

The Kids Should See This is an ambitious project by an individual to de-clutter the millions of videos available to kids online and pick a few high-quality ones that kids should really see. These videos focus on subjects like science, nature, art, music, technology, story telling or simply videos that help kids growing up. The author, Rion Nakaya, has very good taste in videos that can hold the interest of even the most discrimenating kid.

The website is actually a Tumblr blog and hence eliminates any navigation complexity and issues. The videos are included from sites like YouTube, Vimeo and more. The videos can be browsed in chronological order or searched, although currently there isn’t an option to browse videos by categories or topics. Often, videos also include links to other reference material available for the topic. Maintaining this blog must be a lot of work. I applaud her efforts.

There is no denying that YouTube or Vimeo have millions of videos about every topic, but this gigantic size often makes it very complex for people to find the right stuff. WatchKnowLearn solves this problem, for at least the educational videos, by organizing thousands of videos into their specific categories. Free classroom accounts can be set up by teachers to organize and group videos to specific lessons. Teachers can even create a classroom page with student logins/passwords, their own logo, and their own color sceme.WatchKnowLearn Both of these educational video sites are excellent resources. Give ’em a try!




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