Teenage Liberation

I recently re-read a book that belonged to my daughter. As I remember, it was one of her favorites. She certainly quoted it enough. It was an eye opener fifteen years ago and I believe it’s even more potent and relevant today. ” The Teenage Liberation Handbook; How to Quit School & Get a Real Life & Education”  is a book I think every educator, administrator, classroom teacher, and parent should read. The author, Grace Llewellyn, has some very pointed things to say about our education system, not the least of which is that education is all about control, and not teaching. Ouch! While I did not entirely agree with everything the author said, it did, on nearly every page, make me think about the real message I was sending to my students.

I challenge you to give the book a try, and tell me what you think. Even if you think the premise is all smoke and mirrors, it is a good read and offers a different, and very compelling,  point of view that we should all be aware of. Just for the record: I thought it was a great book, and mostly right on target.


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