Can’t Live Without ?

I often interrupt working on the computer with a quick game of Solitaire. Mindlessly moving cards has a mind clearing effect and actually helps me focus on what I’m doing, or at least, that’s what I tell myself. The last game did get me thinking about what programs I simply couldn’t live without, not counting Solitaire of course.  I discounted school, or work, related applications like email, grade book, Office, or a web browser as ‘must have’ survival type software. With a cup of coffee, and another quick game, I concluded that there were, at minimum, two apps the loss of which would truly muddle the way I work.

Evernote and Dropbox are two free web apps that allow me to collect, save, share, and later organize any matter of thoughts, notes, web pages, pictures, or anything really, from any computer or smart phone. I recommend both as a much better way to not ‘loose a bookmark’, forget a good idea, or wonder where you put that neat photo.

So what are your ‘can’t live without’ applications? How do you work on the computer, and what do you use to make life easier? Sounds like a good self-reflection type question to me.


One thought on “Can’t Live Without ?

  1. Gayle says:

    I use Dropbox and love it! I have my school computer linked to my home computers and my iphone through Dropbox. It allows me to have access to documents that I work on in school or at home with just the click of the mouse. It’s great for people who do things in one place and need them in another. Try it!!!

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