Side-by-Side Readers

My daughter recently visited with her newly purchased ‘Nook’ tablet, plus a new Kindle ‘Fire’ she won at a charity raffle. I don’t have either one but now she has both. There must be something wrong with that. The only good part was it gave me an opportunity to compare both side-by-side and decide which was right for me.

Both the Nook and the Fire share the same processor, same as the iPad 2, so not surprisingly the performance of both seemed much the same. The Nook trumped the Fire with double the memory and storage capacity. For me, that was impressive. For visual and in-your-hand appeal the Fire took honors. The glossy black won my heart. Barnes and Noble have in-store sales and service, which is something Amazon cannot match. Amazon has a staggering array of services, cloud storage, and app store, which is something the Nook cannot match, at least yet.

My verdict; a very close call. While the Nook’s hardware was appealing to a gadget geek like me, I think I’ll stick with Amazon’s services and go with the Fire.

Anyone have other thoughts or observations? How do you use, or see yourself using, an e-reader device?


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