Classroom Management


Another of our Kindergarten teachers has shared a new, and innovative, class management site called “Class DOJO“. ClassDojo enables the teacher to easily award and record points, achievements and rewards for behavior and performance in class in real-time, with just one click of your smartphone or laptop. ClassDojo provides instant visual notifications for your students (‘Well done Cindy-Lou Who! +1 for teamwork!’) with a whole host of game mechanics: think level-ups, badges and achievements to unlock, in-classroom games, avatars and leaderboards. We will be looking forward to future reports.

ClassDojo will be free for teachers who are part of the beta test group. There are a limited number of places available in this group, so sign up early and  be a part of it!


One thought on “Classroom Management

  1. Julie says:

    I have created a class in this program and I can see how this program could benefit students. Students would be able to track their own behaviors, which can help with discipline issues and positive behaviors to continue.

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